Tragic Mercy (eBook)


Is It Bad Luck, Karma, or Much Worse?

When a fatal car accident robs her of both parents, Mary Walker’s once-bright world turns dark. She becomes aware of the pattern of turmoil and torment that has tried to define her, but she must rise above the grief and summon the strength to turn her tragic life around for the better. As she focuses on life’s daily challenges and delights, small, precious moments help her inch from despair. But later in life misfortune visits her again, shattering her dream of a perfect marriage and family. Facing the tragedies, the crumbling family must pull together and learn to overcome the terrible adversities of a family secret while demons from the past become hungry for a new victim.

Will Mary’s heartbreaking journey uncover the truth behind her family’s endless tragedies and suffering before it’s too late?

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